Terms & Conditions

Bend Warranty  

Bend Goods guarantees that all products sold from our facilities are free from manufacturing faults and  defects at the point of original delivery. We guarantee the materials used to construct our products for a  period of 3 years from that date. In the event that a product is proven to be defective, you are entitled to  the restoration of the goods through repair or replacement, whichever is decided as being the most  efficient and effective remedy. Please refer to CARE & MAINTENANCE for any questions pertaining to  those topics 

It should also be noted that the warranty does NOT cover: 

- Degradation of finish caused by environmental factors. 

- Any breakage caused by negligent and/or improper use of the goods. 

- Changes caused by normal wear and tear. 

- Any damage caused by lack of and/or erroneous maintenance. 

- Any defects must be reported immediately with supporting photos.


Rusting Policy

Any rusting occurring on our Non-Stainless Steel Products is not covered under our warranty. Customers can pay the upgrade fee, and we will replace the Non-Stainless Steel Products with Stainless Steel versions that will last over three years in harsher environments.


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