Designing Neglected Spaces Behind The Bend

When it comes to design, we spend a lot of time and energy on the rooms in our homes that we do our entertaining in. We want those spaces to always look their best, but often times let the personal spaces we use the most fall by the wayside. We think you should always put as much effort into impressing yourself with style as you do your friends and family. One of our favorite daily style blogs Apartment Therapy has some great advise about decorating neglected spaces and we love the tips. The three that we are going to start with are below. You can find the rest of the Seven HERE. It's officially time to stop neglecting and start appreciating!

In the Corners of the Room

Even the corners of the room are an opportunity to fit in some extra shelving. If you're a renter and don't want to install corner shelves, consider a ladder-style shelving unit.

In the Shower

Just because it's a space your guests won't see, doesn't mean you shouldn't make your shower feel like part of your home. A couple water-safe decoration options: Hang some humidity-loving plants and invest in a tub caddy.

On the Windowsill

If your window has even the tiniest of ledges, it's the perfect spot to prop some sun-loving plants and pretty knick-knacks.

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