Happy Halloween everyone! With less then 24 hours left until the big day, we hope this finds you candied and costumed and ready for a good time. For this weeks Halloween edition of Behind the Bend, we thought we would let things get a little wild. That's right, we're talking all things Bend Goods Wildlife.

We've mentioned a few times before, how we design products for our lives as much as we do yours. Our Brackets, for example, were design for use at the office, but we liked them so much we decided to make them available for purchase. Our Wildlife was originally designed for a similar reason. We wanted art for the office that had our same aesthetic but was different from anything else out there. The idea of finding a vintage mounted animal trophy head was raised. Being the animal lovers that we are, the idea was quickly shot down. But there was something there. What if we can pay tribute to the animals that we love without having to harm them?

The answer; the Bend Goods Wildlife Collection. We took the idea of a mounted trophy head and deconstructed it, reducing it to its basic geometric form. We chose animals that we think have the same characteristics that we strive for with our furniture and our brand. They represent strength and endurance, grace and elegance. Our wildlife is a great way to add a strong design element to your space but also give it some character and heart. To celebrate the wild side in all of us, we are giving you 20% off on all of our Wildlife this Halloween weekend. Simply use the promo code WILDLIFE at check-out. The sale starts right now and runs through midnight on Sunday, November 1st, so don't wait too long. Wishing you all a wild and safe Halloween weekend!



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