TRY THE UGLY EGG ROLLS!<span>Behind The Bend</span>


Having been making the Goods for just over six years now, it's truly exciting for us to see the growth that is taking place within our community. We started working in the hospitality market about four years ago doing restaurants and hotels all around the globe. One of the first projects that we did here in the States was a restaurant in Torrance California called Yellow Fever. They do delicious rice and noodle bowls with flavors from all over Asia, and we have to say they are pretty epic. Last night we got to visit their new location in Venice California and we are happy to say they brought the Goods along for the expansion.

As you can tell from the photos in the gallery, not only is the food great, but the decor is pretty awesome too. They keep their spaces elegantly modern and basic and really let the decor and artwork do the talking. The open concept kitchen is also something that we love. They have incorporated some local mural work that is a must see to truly appreciate. There are some unique characters in there that incorporate some of our favorite Asian dish ingredients. It was done by husband and wife team Kozyndan. You can check out their Instagram account HERE.

We are so excited for chef Kelly Kim and the whole Yellow Fever team on their new venture. We were privileged to enjoy an early tasting last night and you are definitely in for a treat. We recommend everything, but whatever you do, make sure and try the ugly egg rolls with it. They are insanely delish! The doors of the Venice location open to the public on June 1st, but if you just can't wait, the Torrance location is ready for you. We can't wait until June 1st, because we are already craving seconds.



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