We love to design things and to create fun and playful furniture. So we are super excited for projects and events coming up in 2019!

We don’t want to spoil all the fun about our new Designs, but let us give you a little sneak Peak of what we are working on:


When it comes to our Design Process, our founder comes up with ideas of where he feels the product line should go. He sometimes draws it up on the napkin and gives it off to our product design team to make it in 3D.  It is a lot of back and forth. Sounds days, weeks or years.  If a design doesn't feel like it is good enough, then we put it away and possible revisit it.  We design hundreds of ideas each year but only a few really make it to product.  After we all really like how it is looking in 3D, we make a real prototype sample.  The physical sample will give us a better idea of what the product will become and will help us determine what changes we need to make. So once the final product is done, you can imagine our excitement to show it to you!

We will soon launch new products and extend our product range of chairs and tables. Let us tell you this: You can expect innovative modern Design combined with retro-styles. Also, a special new piece will be added, which will definitely give you the California beach vibes.

This Year there will also be a lot of action happening in our Showroom with new collaborations and special markets, which we will tell you more about soon!



Bend is also continuously growing and expanding our international Network, that’s why it is always important for us to stay in touch with you. Therefore, in 2019 you can meet us here:



  • ICFF -May
  • WestEdge - October
  • BDNY - November

    Of course you are always welcome to stop by our Showroom on Melrose and have a seat with Bend!


    More news coming soon!


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