The Bend Coffee TableBehind The Bend

The Bend Goods Wire Coffee Table gives you all the surface space you could ever need. With a glass table top and the pattern in its geometric wire base, light easily passes through making it the perfect wire accessory to any space. From the beginning we have offered the table with the 36" Round Glass Top. Today we are excited to announce the addition of both black and white marble tops as available add ons. As you can tell from the image to the right, they are a pretty stunning addition.

Something else that you might notice from the photos is the addition of plated finishes. Not only is our Bend Coffee Table available in its black or white powder coated options; you can also get the room centerpiece in copper or gold plated as well. We can't begin to describe how excited we are about the new look to this old favorite. Head to the shop for all the details on dimensions and a little pricing decrease as well. Email us at with any questions or for any additional info.

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