One of the greatest things about social media is the reach that it can give you to artists all around the world. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are giving creatives, who might have gone unnoticed 20 years ago, a space to showcase their work on their own terms. Every now and then we run across an artist or photographer that we love so much we reach out to them and try and find ways too collaborate on a project together. Our first successful venture in this area was two years ago with an artist named Eddie Granger.

We followed Eddie on Instagram for a few years before we reached out to him. Like us, he is a big fan of color, so we hoped that he would appreciate our work and thankfully he did. We spoke a few times over the phone and then it was time to get going. We sent Eddie one of our Lucy Chairs in white and told him basically to go crazy. Loving his art as much as we do, we knew that he would hit it out of the park with his design and that is actually what he did.

Eddie took organic yarn in almost every color imaginable and started to weave it into the wires of the chair. The end result is a one of a kind color-blocked piece of art. Check out the photo gallery on the top left for a closer look at the design. We unveiled the collaboration at ICFF 2014 and our Color-Blocked Lucy Chair was a big hit. She got coverage all over town reaching as far as Brazil where Brazilian Vogue included the Lucy in a design round up in their September 2014 issue.

Working with Eddie was an awesome experience and proof that authentic design and creativity can inspire the masses in a big way. Definitely check out his work HERE and give him a follow on his social media platforms. If you are an artist of any kind and our work inspires you send us an email at We would love to hear from you and who knows, we could end up bending some magic together.

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