September is for Collaborating

Bend Goods x Boyce Studio - The Shelf and Bracket Set

We have been friends with CC Boyce of Boyce Studio for the last couple of years. In those years we have been trying really hard to find a way to work with her. When we decided to re-launch our shelving brackets, we thought that offering a really nice set which includes her wood shelf would be great. We first thought of CC because she takes wood working to another level. She pays very close attention to the grain and how it flows in her own pieces. She can take the most simple piece of wood and make it into a one of a kind piece of art.

These shelving sets are going to be truly one of a kind. Each shelf is angled and has an air-plant holder at the tip. We are offering two options of wood finish, ebonized and natural, both also hand speckled. Combine the shelf with your favorite new Bend Bracket color and you'll truly have a match made in heaven. We can't wait to get them into our own homes let alone release them to the public. Look for them to hit the Bend Goods Shop later in October just in time for the Holidays!

Bend Goods x Assembly of the Wild - Macrame Hanging Lucy

Here at Bend, we are all big fans of mid-century modern craft, art and design. We had thought of doing something with Macrame incorporated into our wire frames for quite some time. Macrame has always been a big influence in the patterns of our furniture. When we met Nikki Katz, from Assembly of the Wild, and saw her incredible work, we knew right away that she would be the maker for this project. We talked briefly about the idea of doing a hanging chair and funny enough, she had been approached about doing one as well. We think this collaboration is a match made in mid-century heaven.

Taking one of the seats from our Lucy Dining Chair, Nikki goes to work with hundreds of feet or rope. She weaves them together to make a hanging system that is not only stunning and unique, it's also strong enough to hold a considerable amount of weight. The hanging chair is a functional piece of art, and we know you'll love it!

Bend Goods x Nathan Vincent - The Nathan Vincent Longhorn

Nathan Vincent is a true artist in every sense of the word to us. We found him online while searching through different types of crochet art. The way that he uses his medium as a critique on masculinity and femininity, both on a physical and metaphoric level is truly inspired to us. We had been searching to find inspiration for giving some depth to our trophy heads, and thought crochet would be a great way to do that. We decided to reach out to him and luckily he was as enamored with our work as we were with his.

We sent him a white Longhorn and gave him complete creative freedom over the project. As you can tell from the photo above he really turned our Longhorn into a bohemian piece of art. We love the patterns that he used and the shadows they cast are definitely an added bonus. Having the chance to work with Nathan was a honor and we are excited that you are now able to take one of these unique creations home.

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