Seeking InspirationBehind The Bend

This week Bend Goods is on a quest for inspiration! We decided to take a trip to the 14th Factory near Chinatown in Los Angeles. The unassuming facade of an empty warehouse made this 14 room, multimedia art piece a real experience to behold. Each room couldn’t be more different from the last. Conceived by Simon Birch, famed British artist living in Hong Kong, the 14th Factory, “aims to open up a new alternative space of collaboration, production and transformation, that moves beyond the old divisions of the world into singular histories, and new mechanisms for the molding of the future”.

Lots of these works, done by a series of artists, are awe inspiring – almost magical even. We’re sure you’ve seen at least some the installation on Instagram (the famous pitchfork room), but we suggest you go in unplugged to feel the magic it creates. One stand out is Movana Chen’s “magazine clothes” piece that ripples from the ceiling and descends to eye level, displaying her dizzying craftsmanship of woven paper. You have to see it to believe it!

In pursuit of inspiration, we’re headed to Mexico City this weekend! We’ll be posting what we find down there, so be sure to stay tuned!

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