We've been so hyper focused on the new products rolling out each month, that we've been letting some of the new colors we've been launching from our original line fall by the wayside. We thought we would take this weeks Behind the Bend to give you a little update on the latest. Below are our three newest color-way releases for 2016! Stay tuned for more to come very soon.


It took us a couple years to develop our copper finish and still today it is one of our favorites. We first launched it on our Lucy Side Chair just about two years ago, and the finish has been slowly making it's way onto our pieces in our line. One of our favorites so far has to be the Captain in copper. It just gives the Captain a boho chic quality that we can't resist.


Year after year Peacock Blue always sits on top of our list of favorite colors. It was one of the first colors that we launched the goods in. We thought that the Gazelle would look especially good in this shade of green, and we are happy to say that we were right. We think that peacock brings an air of sophistication to the already majestic animal.


Last but not least, a release that is being brought out of retirement. We offered our Drum Table in black quite a number of years ago, but decided to retire it. Back by popular demand, our Drum Table is available again in our black powder coated finish. It's good to see an old friend.







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