For the most part, we think it's pretty obvious that we are a company that likes to push boundaries. It's pretty much a given when you work in the design field, but thinking outside the box really does drive and motivate us. Every once in a while an email will come into our inbox proposing something creative and fresh. These are some of our favorite emails. We get everything from photoshoot concept proposals to art projects, but about a month ago we got pitched something totally new. We were asked to be included in a pop-up. It wasn't your typical pop-up shop though, which is something that we've done many times before. This was a pop-up park, or maybe you've heard it by it's more common name the parquet.

According to Wikipedia, "a parklet is a sidewalk extension that provides more space and amenities for people using the street." They also note that they are typically "installed on parking lanes and use several parking spaces." That was the case for the parklet that was being proposed to us. To give you a little history, Wikipedia credits the very first parklet's initial conception to Italian/Brazilian designer and London resident Suzi Bolognese of Sb Design Studio which was installed in San Francisco in 2010. After diving a little deeper into the original concept, we were hooked and excited to be involved.

Our parklet came from the creative minds at mega architecture firm Gensler. Li Wen, a design director at the firm and Brian Glodney, an associate on the firms planning and urban design team spearheaded the three day urban experiment. The location was the newly branded Cahuenga Crossing, which is basically the parking lot of a strip mall at the corner of Cahuenga Blvd and Selma Ave, also known as one of the busiest blocks in all of Hollywood. According to their Facebook Page, "Cahunega Crossing is an opportunity for the Hollywood community to envision new ways of interacting and enlivening their streets, parking lots and alleys." It's a truly inspired concept and something that we were happy to get behind.

The Cahuenga Crossing Parklet was a great success. The space was filled with our Goods and also furniture from our friends at Loll Designs. Two stunning Magnolia Trees and some great concrete planters filled with a variety of vibrantly colored flowers styled the awesome space. All-in-all the whole things only took up three parking spots in the front of the lot, but it truly felt like a sprawling park. Over the three day period there were very few moments when the Cahuenga Crossing wasn't full of people resting their feet or having a quick bite from a local food vender. It was a great success and we are proud to have been a part of it.




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