MEET BETTY!!Behind The Bend

Meet Betty, a bohemian chic stacking chair for every occasion; Betty will give you all the design you want without sacrificing any of the space. Use four around your dining room table, while keeping two stacked in your hall closet. She’s that peace of mind and extra seating for when those unexpected house guests arrive. Or keep four stacked in the corner on your patio. You’ll be ready in no time for those warm summer nights when dinner just can’t, and shouldn’t, be eaten anywhere else.

One of our most innovative chairs yet, Betty comes with many different wardrobe options. The geometry in her curves isn’t just for looks after all. The Triangle Pad is made from 100% cowhide leather and incorporates individually cut triangles that are made to fit each unique shape. There is also the LBD (Little Black Dress) Pad that fits her seat like a glove, and the Evening Pad that leaves just the right amount of wire showing.

Made from powder coated steel, Betty is an indoor/outdoor, stylish seating option with the strength to stand up to the elements. Her metallic counter parts, made for indoors, will change the way you see your dining room or breakfast nook forever. Whether indoor or out, this sophisticated stacking chair with it’s bohemian edge will set the tone for many occasions to come.

Betty Dimensions: 32"H x 18"W x 16"D, SeatH 17"

Product Weight: 14 lbs.





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