Little Leaf Big StyleBehind The Bend

It’s finally time to bask in the sunshine and we’re not talking about tanning -- we’re talking about your plant life! With the cleansing that comes with spring, it’s a good idea to revamp the plants in your living and work space.

- First things first, take some time to check out the most recent plant trends in 2017 over at Domino.

- Once you settle on all your new leafy friends, utilize The Little Leaf Shop, a lush little venture from the folks at Salt and Sundry, for guidance on how to organize your greens. Their Instagram beautifully showcases all the different ways they use plants to bring rooms to life: @littleleafshop.

- To house your plants, Bend has a variety of colorful options that provide your space with clean functionality and stunning versatility. Check them out HERE!

Looking forward to seeing how you move forward with your Spring cleanse.

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