Customizing Your Bend PieceBehind The Bend

Nothing makes a customer happier than discovering that our products are customizable and nothing excites us more than when an order is placed in a custom color! This allows us to see a customer’s dreams become a reality and to see our pieces in an unprecedented color-way. Any color from the Ral color spectrum can be applied to our pieces to create a unique and special version of our products. The Ral spectrum includes over 100 colors and will allow a customer to match their decor perfectly.

We rely on our powder coating team, located in Los Angeles, CA, to execute every custom order. This small scale operation is locally based and allows us to maintain high quality standards for all custom orders. Seeing the custom creations come to life is always a fun process to watch. The multi-step process begins with a powder coat spray applied by hand. Once sprayed, the piece drys for a few minutes before being placed in a kiln to bake. The baking process gives the powder coat a shiny finish that is long lasting. After cooling, your piece is good to go!

If you’d like to purchase an item in a custom color, feel free to reach out to our team. We can’t wait to see your color creation come to life!



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