Happy New Year everyone! With 2016 off and running, we are deep in search of the best interior design trends for the coming year. Luckily our friends at Houzz have been doing their homework too. They just released their list of the '25 design trends coming to homes near you in 2016'. We think the list is pretty great so we pulled our top 5. Check them out below. You can also head over to Houzz here for the full list. Let the redecorating begin!

Outdoor fabrics used indoors - When we started to develop our very first seat pad, we wanted to make sure it would be durable in any application. We chose to use Sunbrella Outdoor fabrics for their strength and stylish options. Finally in 2016, the trend is catching on. "Outdoor fabrics are becoming increasingly hard to distinguish from traditional indoor fabrics,” "their durability makes them perfect for high-traffic dining room and living room furniture.”

Formal dining rooms - For the last 10 years or so, the trend in communal living spaces has been open concept. It seems these days the tides have turned for the traditional. " For homeowners who entertain frequently, a designated space for gathering for special meals isn’t negotiable, and they’re pouring attention into these rooms.”

Heated entryway floors - Now this is a trend we can get behind. It may seem like a luxury, but there can be function to this trend too. "Sure, heated floors are popular in bathrooms, but if you live in a cold region, consider putting them in your entryway to help melt snow and dry boots.”

Sunrooms - Living on the west coast, the sunroom is kind of a lost art to us. Having spent some time on the east coast over the holidays, we really came to appreciate them though. Now that most people are working from laptops and mobile devises, we say trade the study for the sunroom! A comfortably outfitted sunroom sounds to us like an ideal space for a days work.

Bathrooms that feel more like living spaces - It may sound strange, but we love a well decorated bathroom. The bathroom tends to be a space in the home that most people over look. It doesn’t take a lot to pull the space together though. "Graphic wallpaper, ornate chandeliers and furniture-like pieces turn sterile spaces into ones that feel a lot more like home.”






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