ICFF 2016 WRAP-UPBehind The Bend

ICFF has officially come to a close, and we had a great show this year. In terms of launches, we brought more new goods this year then ever before. We are excited to say that they were very well received across the board. Below is a little bit of detail on all the new, including some great individual and group photos. Next stop on our world tour is a show back home in Los Angeles, that we will be giving you all the info on very soon. Until then, we say goodbye to NY and another great show!

Bistro Table - The very first bistro/dining table option in our collection, the Bend Goods Bistro Table incorporates our signature wire base, but adds a touch of sophistication with both a black and a white marble top option. This table will be great for everything from a patio to a breakfast nook or even a great dining table solution for a small space.

Swiveling Ethel - One thing we love to do when we are designing is explore functionality. We are big fans of trying new things with the goods and this year we brought a sample to the show. Introducing our prototype Ethel Swivel. This all wire, pedestal base is going add some function and a lot of fun to the goods. There are a few kinks still to work out, but look for your favorite goods with a swivel coming soon! Bistro Side Table - We loved the design of our bistro table so much we decided to shrink it down and offer it as a side table. Besides its base, the other feature that is new for us is a tray table top. Made from powder coated sheet metal, we love the way this table compliments it's bigger dining sibling.

Betty Seat Redesign - We launched Betty, out latest stacking side chair, earlier this year, but decided to make a slight tweet to her seat design. We filled in the triangles that were on her seat to add a little more comfort. We love the update even more than the original and we didn't even think that was possible. We hope you love it too!




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