With Fall less than a week away, here at the Bend House we are getting ready for a little season redesign. When you love interior and exterior design as much as we do, any excuse will do for an easy update and Fall is one of our favorites for sure. We are especially excited for this particular update because one of our favorite colors for Fall 2015 is gold and we have a lot of new gold goods to incorporate into the house design.

When it comes to home and/or office design, it doesn't really take much to keep your space fresh. When we buy furniture to incorporate with our designs into the overall scheme at the Bend House, we always look for forever pieces. We design pieces that are timeless therefore it makes sense to accent them with furniture that we also plan to keep forever. So the question is, how do you keep the same furniture always looking/feeling fresh yet on trend season in and season out.

One option is to change up your accent accessories. Throw pillows and blankets, place mats and tablecloths are all things that are very easy to change in and out and are also easy to store when you are itching for a fresh look. We love to mix and match our chair cushions when it's time for a new season of colors to make their way in. One of our favorite Pantone colors for fall this year is called "Stormy Weather". We're representing stormy weather this season with our black tweed Captain Chair Cover Up which can be seen in the slide show on the left. We love the way the Cover Up looks on the gold wire frame.

Another way to give your space a fresh look is by incorporating flower arrangements in your favorite colors of the season. One of our favorite things to do when designing for an event or even just everyday is to head to the flower mart and pick a few different flowers in our favorite seasonal colors. A simple and modern arrangement on your dining room table, kitchen counter or even in a guest bathroom can change the way you look at the space completely. The color in flower arrangements can help draw your eye to colors that you want to feature in patterns and textiles existing in the space already. It's easy and can be pretty inexpensive if you get creative. We love using our baskets for flowers all year round.

Well, we hope those tips are helpful. All this redecorating talk has us pretty excited to get to work. Keep an eye on our social media over the next couple weeks. We'll be working some progress photos in as we go. As always, we would love to see your photos too. Make sure you tag us and use the official Bend Goods hashtag (#BendGoods). We will repost as many photos as we can.

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