Come, Sit and #SSSSstayBehind The Bend

We spend a lot of time on our phones or computers. We also spend a lot of time getting to know people or trying to make business connections virtually. With our eyes on screens all the time, it’s really easy to forget the importance of real human interaction. This is why we love Spring Street Social Society.

Spring Street Social Society is a social club, and its members get to reap the benefits of impeccably designed events with interesting strangers. Hailing originally from New York City, Spring Street Social Society has made its way to Los Angeles. Membership applications are open in January and June every year. With June steadfastly approaching, we really recommend it!

They even opened up their first store, Stay, at Platform in Culver City. We’re proud to announce that Bend Goods is part of their carefully curated selection! It’s a stunning space, too. The creative team behind the store and the social society is cooking up something fresh for people to do and promotes healthy human socializing! We’re ready to put our phone down.

Come, sit (on some Bend!), and #SSSSstay a while!

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