The holidays are always a weird mix of fun, stress, and a touch of unwanted familial interaction (sorry Mom.) One thing that we enjoy the most about this season is getting to deck out spaces with seasonal decor. Since Thanksgiving comes first, we thought it would be fun to show you how us here at Bend decorate for this food centric holiday!

When you think of a typical Thanksgiving tablescape it almost always involves pumpkins, napkins tied with twine, and a color scheme that is more bland than a stale bagel. To say it nicely: we are over that Pinterest driven aesthetic. The #bendsgiving tablescape is based on our love of bold, unapologetic color and retro aesthetics. When deciding on a color palette we wanted to incorporate autumnal colors like maroon and umber alongside bright pops of aqua, pink, and yellow. Bringing in a loud floral print textile as a table runner helped to make the table feel less serious and more funky. Last but not least, we used our Mini Baskets in Aqua to create the perfect center pieces filled with Pomegranates, Persimmons, and Squash (for a seasonal touch) and a mix of Bend chairs for seating (duh.)

To finish off this colorful scheme, we teamed up with Middle Kingdom Porcelain to provide the china for each place setting. We selected the Cold Mountain Collection in a variety of colors to complete our colorful but mod look. Dinner plates, cups, soup bowls, and salad plates provided depth to each place setting with streamlined shapes and handmade details. An added bonus is that these beauties are machine washable and will stand up to repeated use! How can you beat that?

This #bendsgiving look is definitely not your basic Thanksgiving aesthetic and thats exactly what we were going for. We like to say that this look is Thanksgiving meets Studio 54: funky, dazzling, and just a bit over the top. Incorporate Bend into your next dinner table and tag us on Instagram (@bendgoods) to show us what you’ve got. Happy Thanksgiving!




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