BEND ON 1STDIBSBehind The Bend

We are THRILLED to announce that Bend is now an official vendor on 1stdibs!

You might be asking yourself “why would Bend sell their products on a website known for selling vintage and antique pieces?” The answer is that 1stdibs has evolved and is now selling contemporary furniture and accessories! The new contemporary tab on their website features some of the world’s hottest designers producing items that push the limits of design. This new section of 1stdibs adds a new layer to the website that it never had before.

Bend’s profile on 1stdibs features all the classics from our line including our Trophy Heads, the Lucy Chair series, and the Array Pendant! Check out profile here and see how Bend is contributing to this new and exciting part of 1stdibs, just in time for the Holidays.




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