Bend Into Father's DayBehind The Bend

Buying a gift for your Dad can be a bit challenging. If your Father is anything like mine, he won’t tell you what he wants and you will begin doubting every gift option you chose. Father’s Day is the kind of Holiday where the gift needs to be well thought out and not TOO extravagant. Luckily, Bend has tons of products that fit the bill!

If you’re looking for a cost effective gift, look no further than our Trophy Heads. The Papa Buffalo is a no brainer for Dad's Day and provides you with a punny present that is relevant and fun. Our Marching Bear is perfect for the socially conscious Father, as 10% of proceeds go to the League of Conservation Voters’ efforts to save our National Parks. If your Dad is more of a furniture kind of guy, we have you covered! Try out our Swiveling Ethel Chair, which works PERFECTLY as an alternative to a boring office chair, or our classic Lucy Side Chair for a change from your average seating options.

Take a gander at our online shop for any and all options for Dad! Think outside the box and try out Bend’s take on the perfect Father’s Day gift.



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