Bend goes to Mexico CityBehind The Bend

Bend Goods took a trip down to Mexico City this past weekend in search for inspiration. We certainly found it! The architecture all over Mexico City is incredible, and the streets are lush with green and filled with people. In a word, the whole city is vibrant. We made it a point to check out as many museums as possible and really take in the Mexican art scene. El Museo Soumaya’s stunning, metallic exterior had us in a trance before we even saw the art. This unique building was designed by Mexican architect Fernando Romero and houses a private collection of over 66,000 pieces of art!

Another stand out museum was El Museo Rufino Tamayo, a public contemporary museum in the beautiful Chapultepec Park. Art aside, the design and architecture of these buildings are really something to behold. As stated on the Tamayo’s website, “Reinforced concrete with white marble stones together with glass and wood for the floors was mainly used in the construction of the building. Special attention was paid to the design of interior spaces, illuminated by natural and artificial light, creating different atmospheres that enhance the visitor's relationship with the works of art.” We especially loved the beams of natural light that moved as the day went on, creating different designs in real time.

Home to many modern works, this museum currently had on display a beautiful collections of authentic Mexican blankets, sombreros, ceramic foods, pottery, and room dedicated to colorful glowing lanterns. Definitely worth checking out!

We got so much more to share about our Mexico City inspo trip. Stay tuned!

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