BEND GEMS Behind The Bend

We are blogging to you live here at Mack Sennett Studios as we set-up for INTRO/LA. This show is going to be a bit different for us, because we are using it to debut some new work. We've spent the last couple of months teasing you with our colorful metallic finish we call the Gem Tones. Well, we are excited to tell you that we are expending their reach throughout almost our whole line of goods. We've mentioned before that we like to throughly test our products before we put them out into the world. Nothing is perfect, but we try and make the goods as durable as we can. We've spent the last couple months putting the Gems through the ringer and we're happy to say they are a great quality finish that does very well outdoors as well as in. To get these incredible hues, in the shades of some of your favorite gem stones, takes a few steps. The steel is first galvanized, like we do with all of goods, then there is a plated layer that is applied. From there a translucent powder coat is baked on that retains the luster of the plating but adds a colorful stain and also a really great layer of protection. We have also left them in direct sun and there hasn't been any fading over the months. We are incredibly happy with the outcome and excited to start sharing the Gem wealth with the rest of the line. In the image gallery above, not only will you get a sneak peak of our space at INTRO/LA, but you will also get a look at the first Bend Gem Collection offering. Our Peacock Lounge in emerald green. We know it's ours, but we can't stand how much we love it. If you are in LA, stop by INTRO/LA this weekend and be one of the first to see it the emerald Peacock in-person. If not, stay tuned to our social media as we'll be serving up all the coverage you can handle over the next two days. Happy Design Fest!

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