Happy Friday everyone. It’s crazy to say, but we are officially wrapping up the first leg of our design journey here in Australia. Today is also the last day of Sydney Indesign, and we thought that we would use this edition of Behind the Bend to give you a recap of our first trip down-under.

Our experience with the goods here in Australia started three short years ago when we met our amazing distributors Own World, at the ICFF tradeshow in New York. Like us, the founders of Own World have a huge love and respect for the world of design, so it wasn’t long before we started testing the goods in this great market. Australia in general is also a very design driven country so we were all pretty sure that we would be a good fit, and we are happy to say we were right.

Out first trip here has been truly amazing. The indoor/outdoor quality of life here is very similar to that of Los Angeles, but with a much cooler accent. Our time here has been brief, but we have been blessed with some amazing weather and we’ve been able to see some amazing sights. Our favorite parts have definitely been, the Opera House and our visit to Bondi Beach. The Sydney Opera House is such iconic architecture, and there is nothing like seeing it in person. Its grandeur truly takes your breath away. Bondi Beach is a similar experience. You see pictures of these places, but nothing can prepare you for feeling the wind on your face and seeing the blues and greens of the water in person.

Another awesome experience that we’ve had while here, is getting to watch the fashion show rehearsals for the Australian department store Myer. Just yesterday they presented their spring 2015 collection. What makes that significant to us, is that our copper Lucy chairs and stools were the seating for the entire show. It was truly a mind blowing experience for us.

Now it’s back to the Own World Showroom for the last day of the Sydney Indesign celebration. Own World has turned their showroom into a Bend pop-up like we’ve never seen before. There are acrobats in the center of the space that are bringing the goods to life in a metaphoric way that you truly must see to believe. If you haven’t already, head over to our Instagram for a behind the scenes look.

Well that’s Australia, in a nutshell. We have one more day of sightseeing tomorrow and then it’s off to Indonesia. We’ll catch you next week for another Behind the Bend update on the Bend South Pacific design journey.

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