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Product Use


Features & Finishes

Custom Color & Powder Coating

From the beginning, we have been powder coating our products to make them as durable as they can possibly be. We use some of the best powder coating available on the market today and stock a wide variety of colors. If you want something with the same strength but a color unique to you, contact us about getting them done in a custom color. We have powder coating facilities locally here in Los Angeles that can make any of our products unique to you and your aesthetic. We can do almost any color imaginable just email info@bendgoods. com and let's see what magic we can create together.




Our plated metallic finishes are the best way to take your interior design from modern and cool to chic and glamorous. Whether gold, copper or chrome, these finishes, meant for indoor use only, will give your space a shine to last a life time.


Sustainable & Responsible

We are committed to keeping our environmental impact and responsible manufacturing practices at the forefront of our minds. Our workforce is treated with utmost respect and our facilities reduce waste wherever possible. We use iron which is highly recyclable and have designed our packaging to easily ship multiple products per box, minimizing our carbon footprint. Our products contribute to LEED certification.


Today & Tomorrow

In today’s world, the consumption of products is increasing at an alarming rate, while the life span of those products is decreasing. In many cases, furniture has become a disposable item. At Bend, we aim to make products that not only last based on their timeless design, but also because of their quality construction.