The Nanda
Modular Sofa

A Bend Goods Upholstery Collection

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  • Nanda Sofa
  • Nanda Sofa
  • Nanda Sofa
  • Nanda Sofa

Nanda Sofa


Designed by Gaurav Nanda and the Bend Goods team. The Nanda Sofa is a set of rounded square shapes that can be separated and rearranged in endless flexible solutions for any project or living room area. The different sectional elements allow you to create your own living room landscape.

  • Lounge: N/A

  • Love Seat: N/A

  • Slim Lounge: N/A

  • Corner: N/A

  • Ottoman: N/A

  • Slim Ottoman: N/A

  • Weight: N/A

Endless Possibilities

With a variety of material finishes, the Nanda Modular Sofa gives you the freedom to create your own vibrant interior landscape. Mix and match patterns or colors with multiple fabric options.