- Eric Stauble

With the news coming out of Orlando Florida getting more heartbreaking by the minute, we thought we would devote today's blog post to something inspiring. During times of tragedy, like this, it is truly remarkable to us how the world can band together. When the news broke, our hope was that, as a country, we would all unite in support, not only of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters, but just as Americans in a time of need. What we didn't expect was the out crying of support, world wide, that we received. On the upper left you'll find an image gallery with photos from vigils and decorations of support from as close as here in our own backyard of Los Angeles, to as far away as Sydney Australia. Our hope is that these events will continue to bring more and more people together to the point where we won't need stricter gun laws. Our hope is for a day that we just won't have a need for guns at all. It all starts with us, and it all starts today!

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